This is the website to guide you through the rental reservation and purchase procedures for ceremonial gowns (academic gowns).

Academic gown for University's ceremony

Purchase orders are available throughout the year.
The size of the academic gown is unisex.


Rental Reservation Schedule (for March 2024 graduates)

1/5 Fri~2/27 Tue
Rental reservation acceptance period ※1
2/28 Wed
Graduation completion (prospective) Certificate presentation deadline
Registration information (delivery address, contact address) Change arrangement deadline Cancellation deadline※2
3/16 Sat~3/18 Mon
Academic dress for rent Delivery period ※3
3/21 Thu・3/22 Fri
The graduation ceremony day
3/28 Thu
Standard return deadline (The return destination is a warehouse in Gumma prefecture)
4/7 Sun
Deadline for returning extension plan (The return destination is a warehouse in Gumma prefecture)

  • ※1 The quantity of academic dress is limited. The registration may become impossible before the dress goes out of stock.
  • ※2 If you miss the deadline for uploading the certificate, you can not upload them.
  • ※3 When you place an order, you will be asked to select one of the above delivery periods and a delivery time.

Remaining number of academic gowns

  • Rental
  • Purchase
  • In addition to the above fees, shipping charges and cash on delivery charges will apply.
  • Please note that items with a "number" in stock may become out of stock during the purchase process.


Below you will find all the information you need to place your order. Please read through it.
After confirmation, please click icons of rental or purchase and proceed.


Those who can apply / Period for accepting applications


Those who can apply

Current students of the University of Tokyo who are planning to attend the graduation ceremony or degree conferment ceremony according to the application period (spring or fall) and who can present a certificate of expected graduation, completion, or degree conferment.

If the ceremony is attended by a representative, prospective graduates may also apply for rental.

Period for accepting applications

As a rule, we accept rental applications only during the specified period (usually from January for spring ceremonies and from August for fall ceremonies) for current student who wish to wear them for graduation and degree conferment ceremonies.
Please note that due to the limited numbers, we do not accept applications from graduates for the spring ceremony.


Those who can apply

Applicants who have graduated or are expected to graduate from the University of Tokyo and can present a certificate of graduation, completion, or expected awarding of a degree.

Period for accepting applications

We accept applications for purchase throughout the year.
In addition to current students who are planning to attend the graduation and degree conferment ceremonies, those who have graduated or completed their studies are also eligible to apply.

About submission of the certificate

In order to register rental or purchase for academic dress, you need to submit certificate of completion or expected graduation which is decided by The University of Tokyo as a requirement.

About certificate types
  • If you expect to graduate or complete your studies, please present your "Certificate of Graduation/Prospective Graduation/Conferral of Degree".
  • If you have already graduated or completed your studies, please present your graduation/completion/degree awarding certificate or degree certificate.
How to prepare documents for certification
If you are a current student, please use the "automatic certificate issuing machine" at the university.
Depending on your faculty, graduate school, or program, the start date of issuance and how to arrange for output will differ.
If you have any concerns about the issuance of certificates, we recommend that you contact the faculty or graduate school to which you belong for further information.
For those who have already graduated or completed their studies, or for those who have other reasons, please refer to the relevant page on the University of Tokyo website and check with your (former) faculty or graduate school office for information on how to obtain a certificate.

※If you graduated or finished your degree or have trouble getting the certificate, please see the corresponding part of the University of Tokyo website.
After refer above page, please confirm this at the department office you used to belong to.


About kinds of academic dress, color of wappen, size, fee

The University of Tokyo's academic gowns are designed differently depending on the degree.
Master's gowns are available for those who do not belong to a law school among the professional degree.
The color of the badge differs depending on the degree earned (or expected to be earned).

Please confirm the details here.

Click here for a list of colors of badges
部局 学位名称
人文社会系研究科・文学部 文学 白色
心理学、社会学、社会心理学 クリーム
教育学研究科・教育学部 教育学 ライトブルー
法学政治学研究科・法学部 法学、法務博士 ワインレッド
経済学研究科・経済学部 経済学、経営学 銅色
総合文化研究科・教養学部 教養、学術、国際貢献、欧州研究、グローバル研究、環境科学、統合人間学 銀色
理学系研究科・理学部 理学 金色
工学系研究科・工学部 工学、原子力修士 橙色
学術 銀色
農学生命科学研究科・農学部 農学 薄紫色
獣医学 グレー
医学系研究科・医学部 医学、保健学、医科学、公衆衛生学修士 緑色
薬学系研究科・薬学部 薬科学、薬学 オリーブグリーン
数理科学研究科 数理科学 黄色
新領域創成科学研究科 科学、生命科学、医科学、環境学、国際協力学、サステイナビリティ学 瑠璃色
情報理工学系研究科 情報理工学 山吹色
学際情報学府 学際情報学、社会情報学 ピンク
公共政策学教育部 公共政策学、公共政策学修士 淡青色
  • 本表の学位名称は、東京大学学位規則第3条の定めによる。
  • 下線は専門職学位(東京大学学位規則第3条2項)を示す。なお、専門職学位のうち、「法務博士」以外の各学位取得者は修士用のガウンを、「法務博士」の取得者は独自仕様によるガウンを着用する。
  • You can choose options when you order. Please be careful not to make a wrong order.
  • Rental gowns are made in different years and are cleaned from worn gowns, so the specifications and condition of the items may vary. Please be aware of this in advance.
  • You can rent an unworn gown (new gown rental) if it is in stock.
  • New gown rentals are available for an additional fee only if they are indicated in the inventory list and options at the time of order.
  • Law school gowns are not available for new rental.

We have the following sizes of gowns available for purchase.

  • Bachelor, Master, Doctor ・・S, M, L
  • Law School ・・・・・・・・ M, L (S size is not available)

As a guide, sizes based on height are M (~170cm), L (170cm~).
Please refer to the following for the size of the dress length.


Clothes image

  Length Shoulder length Chest size
S 113cm 35cm 182cm
M 118cm 37cm 186cm
L 123cm 39cm 190cm


Clothes image

  Length Shoulder length Chest size
S 113cm 35cm 186cm
M 118cm 37cm 190cm
L 123cm 39cm 194cm

Law School

Clothes image

  Length Shoulder length Chest size
M 118cm 37cm 194cm
L 123cm 38cm 200cm


Clothes image

  Length Shoulder length Chest size
S 113cm 35cm 204cm
M 118cm 37cm 208cm
L 123cm 38cm 212cm

Rental fee

13,200yen(tax included)※1・※2 + Delivery charge(It can vary with delivery address) + 440yen(tax included・commission of collect on delivery) + Return fee※3
14,300yen(tax included)※1・※2 + Delivery charge(It can vary with delivery address) + 440yen(tax included・commission of collect on delivery) + Return fee※3
Law school
16,500yen(tax included)※1 + Delivery charge(It can vary with delivery address) + 440yen(tax included・commission of collect on delivery) + Return fee※3

Fees vary because academic dress of Law school is different with others.

※1 About the extension of the rent:In either case, it is possible to extend the rental period by 10 days at +5,500 yen (tax included) to the above price. Please confirm here

※2 About Brand new rental:Depending on the season, you can rent a newly-produced dress at +15,400yen (including tax) to the above price. Can be ordered only when there is a display on stock table / choice at the time of ordering. In case rent for dress of law school, we don’t have Brand new rental.

※3 About delivery charge and return fee:Please confirm here.

Purchase price

46,200yen(tax included) + Delivery charge(It can vary with delivery address) + 660yen(tax included・commission of collect on delivery)
Law school
58,300yen(tax included) + Delivery charge(It can vary with delivery address) + 660yen(tax included・commission of collect on delivery)

Fees vary because academic dress of Law school is different with others.

Parcels will be sent from Kanagawa Prefecture. About delivery charge, please confirm here.

Academic dress will arrive with cap, hood, wappen. (4 items) Any single item is not for sale.



How to apply

Please create and fill up your My Page for both rental and purchase.

You can apply for a gown and check the status of your application.
Upload your certificate to My Page.

Your order is not completed even if you finish filling in My Page.
After filling up My Page, you can order academic dress there.


How to pay and pick up

Yamato Transport will deliver items where you desire. You can not pick it up at ceremony halls or CO-OP stores.
Payment method is「collect on delivery」and payment should be in cash.


About Trying On

Samples of gowns for purchase will be on display for a limited period at COOP 2 on Hongo Campus. You can also try them on.
Rental gowns do not have samples on display because the specifications of the details vary depending on the year of production.

Frequently asked questions

About the purchase of academic gowns

You can choose your preferred delivery date from 14 days after your order date. Please place your order and present your certificate as soon as possible.
The gown will be shipped after the certificate is presented.

Is it possible to apply by phone?
We do not accept applications by phone for both rental and purchase.
Please complete the procedure on the dedicated web page.
The reason for this is to prevent mistakes in the receipt of personal information.
Thank you for your understanding.
If the applicant and the user are different, which name should I fill in?
Please apply in the name of the person who will be wearing the gown.
We will not be able to make arrangements if the names are different when we check the certificates.
What is the plan for extending the rental period?

You can extend the rental period at the time of application.
We have prepared this plan based on requests such as, "I want to have more time in my schedule to take photos."

Payment is required when the gown is delivered.
Fee : 5,500 yen (tax included)... 10-day extension

How to wear

Please refer to the appropriate page on the University of Tokyo website.

Some rental gowns do not have a "button to secure the hood". If this is the case, please fasten it to a button on your shirt.

About shipping and return charges for academic gowns

【Delivery charge】Purchase and Rental
Prices vary depending on the delivery address.
Shipping origin is Kanto for both purchase and rental.

【Return fee】Rental
If you are renting a gown, please return it by the due date after the ceremony.
Please use the same box that was used to deliver the gown, attach the included return slip, and send it back from the nearest Yamato Transport agent.
The return address is printed on the slip.
In the upper right corner of the return slip, the invoice slip number identifies the person who applied for the service.
If you do not use the slip, we will not be able to confirm your return and you may be billed for overdue fees.
The return shipping fee will vary depending on the area you ship to. The return address is Gunma Prefecture (Kanto).


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